Prognoses in critically ill patients with cancer have substantially improved for the past few decades due to the progress associated with the best medical care in intensive care units (ICU) and management of complications related to cancer, its treatment, and comorbidities. This highly-specialized text outlines most of the topics related to the different types of cancer requiring management in ICUs. It also shows the wide range of issues on modern care between cancer and critical care medicine. It is about 52 chapters discussing topics that range from the current state of critical care oncology to intensive care admission criteria.

Agamenón Quintero Villarreal, MD
Joseph L. Nates Casta, MD, MBA
Ignacio Pujol Varela, MD
Yenny Rocío Cárdenas Bolívar, MD

ISBN: 978-958-8813-68-4
Format: 21.5 x 28 cm
Binding: Tapa dura
No. of pages: 600