CoBaTrICE is a competency-based training program in Intensive Medicine, led by the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), in collaboration with other regions worldwide. Its objectives are:

ensure high-level training in Intensive Medicine;
harmonize training in Intensive Medicine worldwide without interfering with the specific regulations of each country;
allow a free movement of Intensive Medicine professionals throughout Europe.

The Spanish Society of Intensive, Critical Medicine and Coronary Units (SEMICYUC) has participated in the development of this project and in the translation of the competences program, with a first version in 2006, which was subsequently revised in 2013. The Pan American Federation and Ibérica de Sociedades de Medicina Intensiva y Terapia Intensiva (FEPIMCTI) has established a collaboration framework with ESICM to work on the CoBaTrICE project in the countries that are part of this Federation.

The training in Intensive Medicine in the member countries of the FEPIMCTI is very heterogeneous, with different training models depending on the different countries that comprise it. In some countries it is regulated by training programs that depend on the Ministry of Education, as in Spain, but in other countries it depends on the universities, with different training programs depending on each university. This means that, even at the national level, Intensive Medicine professionals are trained in different degrees and types of competencies to care for the same type of critical and potentially critical patients.

This project aims to:

Analyze the current situation of the training of medical professionals in Intensive Medicine in the different member countries of the Federation.
Develop a competency training program based on CoBaTrICE, adapted to the peculiarities of the geographic environment of the Federation, which allows offering a framework of competencies that help reduce the variability of the training of Intensive Medicine medical professionals in different countries. , regardless of its national regulation.
To have educational tools that offer the highest quality in training for Intensive Medicine professionals, which should result in results for critically ill patients and their families.
Promote strategies that favor the incorporation of this training model in different countries.

Coordinating committee

María Cruz Martín Delgado, president of the FEPIMCTI. Spain.
Ignacio Martín Loeches, director of CoBaTrICE (ESICM). Ireland.
Álvaro Castellanos. Spain.
Gloria Rodríguez-Vega. Puerto Rico.
Luis Horacio Atehortúa. Colombia.
Alfredo Sierra. Mexico.
Joseph Luis Nates. USA.
José Vergara Centeno. Ecuador.

Representatives by countries

Adelina Badolati. Argentina.
Artur Gómez Blizniak. Panama.
Pedro L. Véliz Martínez. Cuba.
Jorge Luis Ranero Meneses. Guatemala.
Jaime Edgardo Sánchez Rivera. The Savior.
Milton Valdez Pastora. Nicaragua.
Sandra Rodríguez. Honduras.
Carlos Alberto Ortiz Ovelar. Paraguay.
Miguelina Pichardo. Dominican Republic.
Pedro Arriaga. Belize.
Eduardo Labarca. Chili.
Manzanares; Gaston Burghi. Uruguay.
Oscar Palma Rodríguez. Costa Rica.
Cintia Grion. Brazil.
Paulo Paulo Mergulhão.
Gloria Vázquez Grande. Canada.
Juan Carlos Meza; Carlos Salcedo. Peru.
Adrián Ávila. Bolivia.